About me

Name: Mickael Tournier 

Born: In 1986 in Paris, France

Lives: In Switzerland since 2010

Family: Wife, 4 kids, a dog.

Favorite places:
- Iceland, far from the crowd
- Lake Shore in general
- Most summits in the Alps


Mickael was introduced to photography at an early age with his grandfather who was passionate by photography and especially darkroom work. Mickael, first start developing his own images at the age of 12, he stopped photography for a long time and regain interest in it at the age of 24.

His main source of inspiration is coming from his way to apprehend nature and human interactions. From the very beginning, he has been after the need to take pleasure in photography, the desire to share his vision and a research of pure technical control. He also takes inspiration in works done by painters like Alexandre Calame, for his vision of nature, and photographers like Joakim Eskildsen, for his approach to people, or Kit Young, for his work on black and white support.

Mickael enjoys working with digital cameras and drones, but have rediscovered analog systems few years ago and now mainly use 35mm, 6x7 camera and a 4x5 large format camera.

His work can be acquired as fine-art prints upon request, shipping worldwide.

Image licensing

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